Zao X Live Streaming Testimonials

Testimonial from Azzurro HD on Zao X Live Mobile Streaming System

"As a company that specializes in streaming solutions over public and private networks, we have always been on the lookout for products that can perform in low bandwidth scenarios without suffering degradation of performance.

Other leading bonded cellular encoders were not providing good enough video quality over cellular to meet our internal standard in these types of environments without using four to eight SIM cards. With just one SIM card, the Zao-X performed very well under 1 Mbps bandwidth with stable HD video while maintaining low enough latency to do bi-directional talkback.

Throughout testing, we used a single SIM (T-Mobile) and also dual SIM’s (AT&T and Verizon) in an area with poor cellular reception below grade and did not lose video for eight hours continuous streaming in both scenarios. We also tested using the Zao IOS app from an Apple iPhone 13 and were very impressed with how the video remained stable while running around.

The HD View Receiver Software was easily deployed on a Windows Machine (i9, 16GB RAM, Blackmagic Decklink 4K Extreme 12G capture card). The capture card was automatically detected, and we were able to output 1080p SDI video format to fit into our broadcast workflow with no observed CRC/TRS errors. Talkback was achieved from the PC through the receiver software to the Zao X transmitter with ultra-low latency. Overall, we were pleased with the simplicity of setup and the high video quality/low latency of the Zao X and HD View software especially in the low bandwidth cellular environment."

Chris Puzzio
VP of Product Development
Azzurro HD

Testimonial on the Soliton Zao System

"The system worked flawlessly. Even in large crowds of people, many who were young adults all with smart phones. The Zao worked as advertised. We were able to provide live coverage from places never before accessible. All from a small town named Medjugorie, in Bosnia. A tough live shoot made easy.

Our camera operators loved it, because it’s lightweight and super easy to use. We have experience with systems like live U and others. None match the price, technology and ease of use of the Zao S. We are definitely planning on purchasing another Zao soon."

Tom Matasso
Mary TV

This review was sent to Midwest Digital AV on the older system, Zao S. The newer system the Zao X has Ultra Low Latency, is designed for challenged signal areas, transmits 4K, can control machinery and recently, will adapt for Starlink or other Satellite inputs.