Live Streaming Video Demonstrations

Midwest Digital has compiled an assortment of actual use videos using the Zao Encoder Systems over the years. For your convenience, we have included a brief lead-in description of the featured video demonstration. 

Live Streaming for Law Enforcement & Public Safety

  • Secure, Lightning Fast Applications for Live Streaming to Command Centers & More!


Live Satellite Feed from House of Hope Church in Chicago using Zao Encoder

  • Live Feed of the Soliton Zao Streaming to a Satellite Communication Center

Live Stream from Mary TV in Medjugorje Bosnia

  • Extremely Remote Area with Limited Cell Coverage
  • Includes Testimonial of the Soliton Zao S Encoder

 Live Streaming using iPhone with Cloud View in Land O' Lakes Wisconsin

  • Uses Soliton Zao App (on iPhone) for HD Streaming Stream
  • Transmitted from a Remote Area